Chef Dan’s Southern Comfort Restaurant

  • southern wedding plate
  • chef dan's fish sandwich

Indy’s southern comfort food truck is now Indy’s newest restaurant.


Food Truck Schedule 11/14/16-11/20/16

11/15 Tuesday- Comfort Systems 2655 Fortune Circle W 11-1:30pm 11/16 Wed- Meridian Corp Plaza 401 Pennsylvania Parkway 11-1:30pm 11/17 Thur- Private Catering for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner 11/18 Fri- Quemetco 7870 W Morris St-11-1:30pm 11/19 Sat- Private Catering 11/20 Sun- available

Food Truck Schedule Week of 102416

10/25 Seven Corners 303 Congressional Blvd 11-1:30 10/26 Parkwood Buildings 800 E 96th St 11-1:30 10/27 Allison Pointe 8470 Allisonville Rd 11-1:30 10/28 Available 10/29 Irvington Halloween Festival 10am-5pm (E Washington St between Ritter and Bolton, Audubon o S Irving Circle and Bonna Ave from Audubon to Ritter